Introducing the Yoback

Nothing Beats a Good Stretch

Take a proactive approach to prevent injuries today for a better tomorrow.

  • Yoback Full Set

    Connect all the blocks to make a wheel and position it along your spine to loosen tight back muscles completely.

  • Two Pieces of the Set

    Connect with two sets of Yofeet and use it effectively for calisthenics using both hands and feet or for a more comfortable position in your lower back.

  • One Piece of the Set

    With the YoFeet attached, it makes an ergonomic arched block. Stretch your legs or upper and lower back with a Yoblock that can withstand 500lbs to promote the natural flexion of your spine to eliminate pain.

  • Back pain release and massage

    Does back pain interfere with your workout? or Back aching after your gym sesh? Connect the three pieces together to make a wheel. The Yoback fits between your shoulder blades to loosen deep muscle knots along your spine and provides deeper relief and stretches the spine better than a foam roller.

  • Ankles and Calves stretching

    The Yoback's arch shape perfectly fits under your feet and provides a lever so you can easily stretch your calves daily. The cork mat attached to Yoback also gives you a comfortable feeling even when you use it barefoot. No more leg cramps at night, too!

  • Don't limit your workouts

    Whether you're into Calisthenics, CrossFit, MMA, Yoga, endurance sports, or just going to the gym, the Yoback helps efficient stretching in a short time and is excellent at relieving tension

  • Functional movements for squats

    Use the Yoback for heel elevated squats. Training with a cork squat wedge block can help you perform high load workouts without undue stress on the lower back, improve ankle and hip flexibility, optimise knee stability and prevent injury.

  • No more wrist pain

    The Yoback enables a flat palm with an active, strong grip for reduced strain, a better range of motion, and more reps.

  • Fixing bad posture

    When sitting at your desk at work, try using Yoback instead of a cushion on your back or feet. It will naturally hold your core and reduce the burden on your knees whilst keeping your spine straight, resulting in more focus and productivity and less back pain.

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"Well, I used the YoBack and it sorted my posture. No constant shifting around. I don't get back pain any more because my posture is more upright and this product supports my spine.
Then I moved onto the low planks :) and that was good.
Lastly, I put the three bits into the circle for an all back stretch at the end of a long day. It takes some moving around to find the right spot and then aaaaaah.

So really happy. It's a good product."



Who is the Yoback For?

. You exercise often but want to recover faster
. You have tight hip flexors or short hamstrings which leads to lower back problems
. You sit at a desk all day with poor posture
. You struggle to get over niggling little injuries
. You travel a lot and want to exercise properly whilst away
. You suffer from wrist injuries from lifting
. You want to run further for longer

Raised £22,000 on Kickstarter

After three years of designing and testing, the YoBack raised £22,000 on Kickstarter with 340 backers in 21 countries. With ZERO returns.

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Improve your athletic performance.

🏋️Increase your range of motion.

🏋️Activate and strengthen weak muscles

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Futureproof your body against aches and pains.

💪Bulletproof your knees.

💪Fix your posture.

💪Fight fasciitis.

💪Stop leg cramps and build ankle resilience 

💪Protect your wrists.

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Fitness that fits your schedule

✈️Anywhere, anytime

📖50+ ways to use ebook

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